Newsbeat / Blue Peter

For this blog post i will be sharing my thoughts and critique on the childrens long running TV show Blue Peter as well as the news centric portion of the radio 1 output,  Newsbeat.

Firstly Radio 1’s Newsbeat manages to retain the pre established fast and energetic pace of radio 1 programming to engage the predominately young adult listener via an assortment of sound and content elements.Newsbest described as a home for “Exclusive music news, big interviews, entertainment, social media trends and video” (BBC,2017) delving into such relevent topics as loneliness,enforcment of apprentiship schemes as well as the controversial Trump travel ban which sparked protestors to take “to the streets in cities across the UK on Monday night to demonstrate against the travel ban” (Independent,2017). Ultimatley the effetive utilisation of discussion on  current topical  issues formulates a sense of relevence to the show with issues that may effect the younger listner while simultaniously informing them on the news of the day. The use of various sound elements is utilised effetively to form an engaging product  to capture the intrigue of the listner. An implementation of upbeat energtic music in line with the presenters confident snappy relay of information on various topics assures a sense of fast pace that does not linger on a specific issue for too long. Newsbeat also features multiple reporter interviews with the public, in such scenarios as a hairdresser which is captured by the inclusion of relevent actuality to position the listener in that enviroment while discovering an insight on the issue in discussion. While many factual news productions will invest lengthy duration of time to cover a story Newsbeat instead forms a programme that summarises key information on relevent current issues quickly and precisely, informing the listener while captivating them via an assortment of radio sound conventions. 

Blue peter,in comparison to newsbeat also achieves a captivating style by engaging its younger children audience by a variety of means. What stands out the most throughout the recent episode was the utilisation of direct audience engagement.Enthusiastic presenters relay the message also found on the website that  “Whatever you think, good or bad, let us know by filling out all of the boxes on the Purple badge form to the best of your ability, and you could earn your Purple badge! ” (BBC,2017) . This benefits the programme by not only opening the show to criticism from the audience in an effort to improve the quality of the show while also simultaniously rewarding the viewer with one of Blue peters iconic badges.This sense of audience engagement is also echoed throughout by footage of childrens reactions to the shows presenters attempts at guiness world records as well as other exciting activities such as wing surfing.This makes for exhilarting content but also reinforces and cerments the importance of the viewer to the show.Blue peter manages to further captivate the desired demographic by featuring interviews with prominent olympic medalist such as Jessica ennis with questions asked sourced from fans of the show to further add to the engagement of audience.The show closes with an appearence from the pop band The Vamps who perform one of their most popular songs as a fitting conclusion to an exciting episode of childrens TV that has the the desires and interests of the younger audience demographic at its heart to provide engaging programming for this specific audience.

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Eleftheriou-Smith, L. (2017). Rabbis invoke Holocaust to protest Trump travel ban: ‘We stand beside our Muslim cousins’. [online] The Independent. Available at: [Accessed 2 Feb. 2017].


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